Hard Covers

There are many reasons for installing a tonneau cover on your truck: protection from the weather for your bed and cargo, a styling upgrade, and boost in fuel mileage. But if cargo security is most important, you need a hard tonneau cover. Any tonneau cover will conceal your gear from prying eyes, but only a hard cover will prevent theft by a determined thief. You may think to have such security, your choice is limited to a one-piece, hinged cover, the most well-known type of hard tonneau cover.

While we have a great selection of these, we also have retractable, folding, and even roll up hard tonneaus. Casual thieves are just looking for the easy score, something they can quickly grab from an open truck bed. Based on the premise of out-of-sight, out-of-mind, any tonneau cover will deter such theft. But a professional thief, one who may suspect you have something of value like tools or electronics in your truck bed, can easily slice open a soft tonneau cover and quickly make off with your gear. While no cover will make your bed impregnable, a hard tonneau cover and locking tailgate will require too much time and effort to defeat even for a professional crook, forcing him to look for easier prey.

Each of the hard tonneau covers we offer is made of rugged materials to provide the protection and peace of mind you want when carrying valuables in your truck bed. Our hard shell hinged tonneaus are made of durable fiberglass and tough ABS plastic. They pivot on hinges at the front of the truck bed, are supported when open with gas struts, and feature weather proof seals around the perimeter. When you need to haul tall cargo or require full use of the bed, they can be easily removed from their hinges. Hinged covers come in textured black finish, with subtle spoilers at the rear, or painted to match the truck’s factory finish, and are available with sophisticated features like a carpet headliner, interior LED light, and a lock that can be custom-matched to your ignition key.The hard folding tonneau covers we carry are easy to use and install in minutes. They’re constructed from powder coated or vinyl covered aluminum panels or textured, reinforced, heavy-duty plastic panels that will protect your truck bed and contents from the elements, and coupled with your locking tailgate, provide maximum cargo security. The rear panel lifts easily for rear bed access, and when the full bed is needed, the panels can be folded behind the cab. Some covers feature prop rods that hold the panels up behind the rear of the cab, for even greater bed access, and some covers are sized to fit with a cross bed tool box. Some of our folding covers also allow just the front panel to be folded back, for convenient access to cargo at the front of the bed or to a bed mounted tool box.

Retractable tonneau covers combine ease of use with maximum cargo protection and security. The cover rolls up into a canister at the front of the bed for full bed access and when closed provides complete, water resistant, and locking bed security. The cover is formed from powder coated or vinyl covered aluminum sections joined in weather tight connections that glide in tracks mounted below the bed rails. If only partial bed access is needed, most covers have multiple detents along the bed rails where the cover will lock in position. Most retractable covers leave the bed rail stake holes open for accessories like bed rails and racks, and some of our models are available with grooved rails designed for attachment of bike, kayak, cargo and other types of racks.Some of our retractable covers are available with a tool box included, so you can have quick and easy access to tools or other necessities along with the protection, style and security of a tonneau cover. These boxes are made from durable galvanized steel, and feature gas struts for smooth, easy opening and organizer trays to keep all your gear in order. LED interior lighting, stainless steel trays, and chrome handles are optional on some boxes. Or for the ultimate in convenience choose one of our power operated retractable tonneaus. Using a handy wireless keyfob remote, you can open and close the retractable tonneau electronically, with just the touch of a button. An electromagnetic brake allows the cover to be locked in any position along the rails.Possibly the most innovative breakthrough in hard tonneau cover design is the hard roll up cover. Instead of just fabric, a hard roll up cover is constructed from rugged aluminum slats, which are linked together and covered in vinyl, creating a cover that rolls up like any other roll up cover, but once installed over the bed creates a strong and secure hard tonneau cover. Couple the hard shell with the fact that when closed the cover is locked all along the bed rails, from the cab to the tailgate, and you’ve got optimal bed security. The hard roll up covers we offer are also some of the lowest profile tonneaus available so your truck will have a sleek, smooth silhouette, and they install easily in minutes, with no drilling required.

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