Spray in Bedliners

We know your truck is much more than a vehicle to you. It can be your work truck or your play truck. Either way, it takes a serious beating. So whether it’s a daily driver or weekend rider, it needs to be protected. Spray in bedliners provide the best protection. They have an ultra-durable finish that will continue to look as great as the day they were sprayed. There are many different brands for sale. Yet there are basically two kinds. A thick rubbery bedliner and a not so thick hard and rigid bedliner.

Truck Bed Protection + Cargo Protection

There are more than 600 factory-trained Reflex Dealers across North America. Reflex Spray In Bedliners have become the premium brand for pickup truck owners who demand the best for their truck. Reflex protects against dents, dings, and resists gasoline, diesel, oil, chlorine, fertilizer, acid and salt. Because of the rubbery grip your cargo will not slip or slide as it would in plastic drop-in bedliners or hard spray in bedliners. Reflex means protection for your truck bed and your cargo.

Thick, Tough, & Rubbery

Reflex Spray in Bedliners are spray-applied up to 1/4″ thick. This forms a rugged, watertight, durable truck bed liner. For demanding everyday use Reflex is the #1 choice. It won’t crack, peel or warp and permanently protects your truck bed from abrasion and rust. Reflex spray in bedliners are extremely flexible and provide a rubbery, non-slip, textured surface. This type of spray in bedliner grips your cargo and holds it in place.

Hard Protective Spray in Bedliners

Our hard and rigid spray in bedliners offer the most recent technology for impact, corrosion, and chemical resistance. This relatively hard material has remarkable elasticity, providing an extremely tough film for general use as a bedliner. It is also used for many other industrial applications where paint or powder coating cannot meet the demanding use. When applied as a thick membrane, it is the best truck bedliner option for heavy industrial use. Contractors who constantly slide equipment or shovel materials in and out of their truck use this spray in bedliner.

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