• Outstanding heat rejection properties.
  • Excellent U.V. protection.
  • Color stable, Lifetime Warranty.
  • Best all around for performance and longevity.

Panaflex Film Rating: BEST 

Our PanaFlex Ceramic Car Window Film Series has been engineered to provide superior heat rejection with “zero” reflectivity. This is our best selling product, simply because it gives you everything that you would expect from a high performance window film. Massive heat reduction, 99% UV protection, and a cool custom look are just a few of the features this film will deliver.

Ceramic films are replacing older outdated “metalized” products and are superior in construction. These films are “signal” friendly, meaning that they will not interfere with electronic devices in your car like older metallic based films can.

This nano-ceramic tinting film is a “state of the art” technological advance in the window film world, and will exceed your expectations on performance. We have an in shop demo that will show you the awesome performance characteristics of this film, and you can actually feel how much heat this window tinting film stops. You will truly be amazed, and we invite you to stop by and see the demonstration.

Outstanding clarity, high infra red heat rejection makes this film a winner.

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PannaFlex Ceramic Window Tint

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