Our GM leather kits are patterned from the original OEM covers to ensure a factory fit every time.  All of our custom GM leather seat kits come with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty against any manufacturing defects.

We always want our customers to have control over the design of their GM custom interior and so we have a pre-selected variety of popular GM leather interior patterns so each customer can select the pattern and colors they want for their GM custom leather interior. If you cannot find a pattern that matches what you are looking for then just call us and let us know what you are wanting. We will do our best to put together a custom GM leather auto upholstery package that is exactly what you are looking for.  However, pattern changes are fairly expensive depending on the complexity of the design.  Anything you can design, we will do our best to build

We offer factory style leather seat covers for most GM vehicles. These are full leather facing with matching vinyl on the sides and backs of the front seats, which is the same as most newer factory leather interiors, with the rear bench being leather inserts only. This kit is a great way to convert your boring cloth interior into something much more comfortable and easier to clean.

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Challenger Leather Interiors

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